Project Leaders

UC Davis Biomedical Engineering and Radiology Team Members

University of Pennsylvania Team Members

UC Davis Clinical Imaging Team

Denise Caudle

  • Lead Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  • UC Davis Dept. of Radiology

UC Davis CT Physics Team

Clinical Facilities Team

Pre-clinical Imaging and Mini-EXPLORER Imaging Teams

Alice Tarantal

  • (California National Primate Imaging Center) Primate Imaging

Erik Wisner

  • (UC Davis Veterinary Medicine) Companion Animal Imaging

Former Members


Michael Graham , M.D., Ph.D.

  • Director of Nuclear Medicine, Vice-Chair Department of Radiology
  • University of Iowa Former President, Society of Nuclear Medicine

William Jagust, M.D.

  • Faculty Senior Scientist, Life Sciences Division
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • University Endowed Chair in Geriatrics
  • Professor of Public Health and Neuroscience, UC Berkeley

Michael E. E Phelps, Ph.D.

  • Norton Simon Professor and Chair
  • Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
  • Director, Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging
  • UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles

Richard L Wahl, M.D.

  • Director of the Department of Radiology
  • Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, Washington University in St. Louis

UC Davis Biomedical Engineering and Radiology Team Members

Benjamin Spencer Project ManagementEric Berg Systems EngineerAaron Selfridge Singles AcquisitionJulien Bec Patient Motion CharacterizationXuezhu Zhang Simulations/ReconstructionEdwin Leung PET Data CorrectionsEmilie Roncali Y90 PET DosimetryElizabeth Li Kinetic ModelingYasser Abdelhafez Image Processing and Clinical TrialsJim Herod Database Management