The EXPLORER Molecular Imaging Center (EMIC) operates using recharge rates approved by the University.  Currently, the rates are as follows:


EXPLORER Scanner time:

Internal(UC):                           $718 per hour

External (not-for-profit):          $960 per hour

External (for profit):                 $1319 per hour


Labor Rate (for staff time to support studies):

Internal(UC):                           $155 per hour per person

External (not-for-profit):          $207 per hour per person

External (for profit):                 $285 per hour per person


Radiotracers:                        Can range from approximately $100 to $4,000 per dose, please enquire.  Passed through at cost.


To develop a budget for a study, please consult with EMIC staff, as scanning times and necessary staff support, as well as radiotracer costs, vary widely depending on the complexity of the study. Contact us.