Performance evaluation of the EXPLORER Total-body PET/CT scanner based on NEMA NU-2 2018 standard with additional tests for extended geometry

IEEE MIC, Manchester, UK, 2019 View presentation PDF

Initial Results From the World's First Total-Body Positron Emission Tomograph

RSNA Annual Meeting, Chicago, 2018 View presentation PDF

Physical performance of the first total-body EXPLORER PET scanner and preclinical applications with mini-EXPLORER systems + first human images!

IEEE Medical Imaging Conference - Total-Body PET Imaging Workshop, Sydney, Austrailia, 2018 View presentation PDF

Feasibility Evaluation of a long axial field-of-view PET scanner for non-human primates

IEEE Medical Imaging Conference(MIC) , Strasbourg, France, 2016 View presentation PDF

Feasibility Study of Micro-Dose Total-Body Dynamic PET Imaging Using the EXPLORER

Society for Nuclear Medicine (SNM) Conference, St. Louis, MO, USA, 2014 View presentation PDF

EXPLORER: An Ultra-Sensitive Total Body PET Scanner for Biomedical Research

IEEE Medical Imaging Conference, Seoul, Korea, 2013 View presentation PDF

Investigation of Time-of-Flight PET Detectors with Depth Encoding

World Molecular Imaging Congress, Savannah, GA, 2013 View presentation PDF

EXPLORER - An Ultrasensitive Total-Body PET scanner: Application Feasibility Simulations

World Molecular Imaging Congress, Savannah, GA, 2013 View the conference poster