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Full-body PET scanning


The California Aggie, February 1st 2018

Total-Body PET: Maximizing Sensitivity for Clinical Research and Patient Care


SNMMI, January 3rd 2018

Moonshot grant will help researchers see two of cancer’s key food sources at once


EurekAlert, October 19th 2017

A Fuller Picture: The Transformative Potential of Total-body PET


MD News, September 1st 2017

Total-Body PET Scanner Prototype Due Next Year


The JAMA Network, July 11 2017

University partnership sees development of world-first technology


University of Sydney, June 15 2017

Advancing the Potential and Promise of Total-Body PET Imaging


NIH, National Cancer Institute, Apr 7 2017

Neue Einblicke ins Körperinnere [New insights into the inner body]


Deutschlandfunk [Germany-Radio], Mar 31 2017, [Article only in German]

World’s first full-body PET scanner could aid drug development, monitor environmental toxins


Science AAAS, Mar 17 2017, Get the journal article here

First Total Body PET Scanner Could Change Biomedical Research


Bioscience Technology, Mar 16 2017

Researchers move a step closer to first full-body PET scanner


IOP Publishing, Feb 28 2017

World’s first whole-body PET scanner gains momentum with new partnerships


DotMed HealthCareBusiness, Jan 18 2017

World’s first total-body PET scanner takes big step forward


UC Davis Health, Jan 17 2017

Researchers work to develop first total-body PET scanner: WMIC 16


DotMed HealthCareBusiness, Sep 9 2016

Ambitious goals drive developers of Explorer PET project, Nov 20 2015

Supersized scanner to explore the body and hunt down disease


Reuters, Nov 6, 2015

UC Davis gets $15.5M grant for total-body PET scanner, Oct 7 2015

UC Davis granted $15.5 million to build world’s first total-body PET scanner


UC Davis, Oct 6 2015

Ramsey Badawi awarded prestigious “Provocative Questions” grant from NCI


UC Davis Health, Aug 29 2012


Feasibility Evaluation of a long axial field-of-view PET scanner for non-human primates

IEEE Medical Imaging Conference(MIC) , Strasbourg, France, 2016
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Feasibility Study of Micro-Dose Total-Body Dynamic PET Imaging Using the EXPLORER

Society for Nuclear Medicine (SNM) Conference, St. Louis, MO, USA, 2014
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EXPLORER: An Ultra-Sensitive Total Body PET Scanner for Biomedical Research

IEEE Medical Imaging Conference, Seoul, Korea, 2013
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Investigation of Time-of-Flight PET Detectors with Depth Encoding

World Molecular Imaging Congress, Savannah, GA, 2013
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EXPLORER – An Ultrasensitive Total-Body PET scanner: Application Feasibility Simulations

World Molecular Imaging Congress, Savannah, GA, 2013
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Total-Body PET Scanner Prototype Due Next Year Journal Article

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UC Davis Researchers Win Grant that Could Help Fight Cancer